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Welcome City of Brookhaven

Lowe + the City of Brookhaven are Proven Partners for Progress. Look at what we have done together.

Our Approach

Lowe prides itself on being more than just your Public Works Department. We are an integrated part of the City’s team in providing critical municipal services to your community. We have immersed our team in the City’s unique culture.  We utilize the relationship in our proactive, solution-driven approach. No matter the scale, each service task is met with a budget-conscious, intentional, and thoughtful response. The following outlines 12 major scope areas and highlights our approach as your partner.

Public Works Director / Support Staffing

Lowe staffs Brookhaven’s Public Works Department with outstanding, highly qualified personnel. Our personnel and their proven expertise are our strongest asset, and we are very happy with the current team we have at Brookhaven. Moreover, Lowe expertly maintains continuity of staff, in its ability to effectively transfer historical knowledge of the City and its infrastructure.

Lowe has continually staffed the Department with several Professional Engineers and currently has four on our team.  We believe that provides us a significantly better department, that is able to execute work fast and efficient at a high level of quality.

Stormwater Management

Lowe has effectively overseen stormwater management operations since the incorporation of the City. In the beginning, the utility rate was $60. Lowe has since provided essential technical support that contributed to administrative rate adjustments in 2017 and 2020. These critical rate adjustments thus helped the City successfully implement much-needed stormwater capital improvement projects.

In addition, Lowe continually meets or exceeds the City’s NPDES permit requirements, and reliably meets all deadlines for completing and submitting Annual MS4 Reports to Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

Brookhaven’s aggressive approach to the completion of Priority 1 and Priority 2 repair work derived from annual MS4 inspections has made the City singular in its stormwater infrastructure repair and maintenance—an achievement Georgia EPD staff have pointed out in past MS4 reviews.


Lowe developed the City’s Streetlight Policy and has implemented it since its approval by City Council. This provides additional revenue to the City and service to the citizens. Lowe manages the program with over 160 Streetlight Districts and provides annual assessment updates to the County for billing.

Infrastructure Identification and Inventory

Lowe manages the City Infrastructure database. Currently, the inventory includes 125+ miles of streets, 78+ miles of sidewalks and multi-use path, 4,600+ street signs, 51 traffic signals, and 16,000+ stormwater structures/pipes.

Pavement Management

Lowe has effectively executed the Pavement Management Program since the City was incorporated. To date, the total expenditure for the program is over $17 million for resurfacing City-owned streets. The City was able to bring its PCI number up from 60 in 2014 to 70.43 at the end of 2019, which is very aggressive by any municipality standard.

Lowe’s ambitious approach to implementing the Five-Year Pavement Program also resulted in the completion of the City’s first five-year paving program in just four years. It also allowed the City to complete its third Pavement Inspection and Analysis one year ahead of schedule.

Traffic Control Systems

Lowe has provided operations, maintenance support, and technical direction regarding the Traffic Control Systems since incorporation. We regularly visit and inspect each signal installation to maintain efficient operations, working closely with GDOT and the City signal contractor.

Sidewalks, Multi-use Paths, Gutters and Related Street Areas

Lowe has been successful in implementing the Council-adopted Bicycle, Pedestrian & Trail Plan since adoption in April 2016. Sidewalk and multi-use path construction has also progressed from a single sidewalk at Briarwood Way in 2013 to a record-setting year in 2018 with 15 sidewalk projects totaling 2.63 miles. Thus far in 2021, 0.23 miles of sidewalk and multi-use path were constructed at a construction cost of over $1 million.

Traffic and Transportation Engineering

Lowe has effectively managed major corridor studies for the City of Brookhaven. Its Bicycle, Pedestrian & Trail Plan was adopted by the City Council in April 2016. The Ashford Dunwoody Corridor Study was adopted by the City Council in April 2017, and the North Druid Hills Corridor Study was adopted by the Council in April 2019.

Lowe is proud of the City’s success in implementing these council-adopted corridor studies. One notable example is the Ashford Dunwoody Corridor Study, which recommended ten short-term projects, six mid-term projects and one long-term project. With support from the Mayor, Council and the City Administration, Lowe implemented nine of the ten short-term projects, and two of the six mid-term projects. Engineering design is currently underway for the last short-term project (ST-08) and one mid-term project (MT-05). Construction is set to begin on one mid-term project (MT-01). Lowe is also implementing phases of another mid-term project (MT-03).

Capital Project Management

Lowe is successfully completing complex intersection improvement projects for the City with multiple components requiring experienced management. From pre-concepts through construction, Lowe has demonstrated its first-rate expertise in the organization and administration of these operations.

Utility Coordination

Lowe fosters and maintains contacts with all the utility companies located within the City rights-of-way and notifies contacts when citizen complaints are received by the City. We review utility encroachment permits submitted for utility work in City right-of-way. Lowe coordinates with utility companies regarding City infrastructure projects, including conducting quarterly utility coordination meetings, and overseeing utility work in the public right of way for compliance with City standards and regulations. With evolving federal regulations concerning small cell facility installations, Lowe monitors evolving legislation and ensures public notification of approved small cell facility installations.

Emergency Preparedness

Lowe has assisted in many different kinds of emergency response situations including major traffic incidents, hurricanes, thunderstorms, winter storms and downed trees. We are ready to assist the City Police Department with all our available resources.

Management Reporting

Lowe provides regular and special management reporting as needed to make sure the City leadership has a current status of all programs and efforts of the Public Works Department. We have over 5,000 documented work orders, which have given us extensive knowledge of the City’s infrastructure. Our hands-on management approach allows us to hold maintenance contractors accountable for their performance in completing work orders on time, based on assigned priority.

Meet the Team

We are proud of what we have achieved together. From setting pavement resurfacing records and raising the pavement condition index for the City to constructing miles of sidewalk, we can all agree that the Brookhaven community has been well served. Our dedicated team thoroughly enjoys our partnership with the City, building relationships with the neighborhood groups, and seeing the fruits of our labors. Here is our dedicated team that will continue to serve the City.

Don Sherrill, PE, PLS, PMP
Public Works Director


Tom Roberts, PE, PMP
Stormwater Engineer


Andrew Kennedy, PE
Capital Projects Manager


Eli Veith, PE, PTOE
Traffic Engineer


Carlos Soler
Stormwater Engineer


Gerren Francis
Pavement Manager


Sheila Hayes
Administrative Manager


David Ayers
Construction Management, Pavement


Jerry Oberholtzer, PE


Greg Wilson, PE
Senior Stormwater Engineer


Richard Meehan, PE
Traffic Engineer


Jon Drysdale, PE
Municipal Services Manager


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