Lowe Engineers has been performing topographic surveying and mapping project since the start of our firm in 1957.  Performing these surveys today is much different than it was 60 years ago, but the overall practice remains similar.  Lowe uses the latest in robotic total stations and data collectors, for electronic data collection and data processing. Lowe also uses the latest in GPS technology to perform topographic surveys.

Our experience and methods of field survey data collection has changed over the years as technology has increased our productivity and accuracy. Our survey crews use RTK GPS rovers for electronic topographic mapping. Our crews can also perform static/relative positioning GPS observations using existing horizontal and vertical control, including HARN, CORS, and other fiducial stations for high accuracy, blue-booking geodetic networks. Also, we regularly perform RTK GPS surveys for secondary type control and for topographic surveys.

Additionally, we can perform all aerial mapping requirements and perform our own in-house aerial triangulation and stereo compilation, and we can combine aerial mapping methods with our field run methods to produce accurate and cost-effective topographic mapping.

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[popup_trigger id=”5230″ tag=”span”]Chattahoochee River Restoration, Chattahoochee River, GA
Chattahoochee River Restoration, Chattahoochee River, GA[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=”5218″ tag=”span”]Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA
Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=”5239″ tag=”span”]Carters Lake Dam, Coosawattee River, GA
Carters Lake Dam, Coosawattee River, GA[/popup_trigger]