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3-D Laser Scanner

The 3-D Laser Scanner is a precision instrument using a ground-based laser to survey a “cloud” of points with true coordinate and elevation positioning for every point.  It performs real-time capture of 3D graphical data.  3D Laser Scanner has software tools for converting point clouds to digital models and into conventional CADD & design files.  Lowe offers this technology to our clients for applicable projects.

For example, most of the bridges around the state of Georgia are dangerous to traverse by foot.  Furthermore, bridges which are 50 years or greater in age, are typically very narrow and sometimes very high above the streams/creeks/and rivers they cross.  Due to these safety concerns, Lowe operates a 3-D laser scanner for data collection on most bridge replacement projects, high volume or high-speed roadways, and other safety concerns.  The, very efficient, scanner allows the crew to take multiple setups without having to place a rod man or other crew members on the bridge for periods of time.  The scanner allows the crew to take more detailed shots of the underside and edges of the existing structure from underneath the bridge.