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3-D Laser Scanner


Lowe Engineers has excelled in the area of Survey and Geospatial Services for over 50 years.  Through this experience we have gained an extraordinary knowledge of how to best protect our employees and others in regard to the project site.  A great majority of the bridges around the state of Georgia are quite dangerous to traverse by foot.  Furthermore, bridges such as the SR 140/ Houze Road over Little River which are 50 years or greater in age, usually are very narrow and sometimes very high above the streams/ creeks/ and rivers they cross.  Due to these safety concerns, Lowe Engineers operates a 3-d Laser Scanner for collection of data on most bridge replacement projects.  This piece of equipment allows us to avoid dangerous situations for our survey field crews as well as the drivers along the corridor.  This approach seems very useful with the SR 140/ Houze Road Bridge Replacement.  The existing bridge is quite far above the Little River normal pool and existing ground.  Furthermore, the geometric alignment also contains several horizontal curves making sight distance for drivers difficult.  The scanner is very efficient and allows the crew to take multiple set ups without having to place a rod man or other crew members on the bridge for periods of time.  The scanner also will allow the crew to take more detailed shots of the underside and edges of the existing structure from the underneath side.  This information will be extremely useful when developing the staging plans for construction of the new bridge and determining the space between structures.  Below is a little more information on the scanner and its capabilities.

Lowe Engineers values our relationships and technology.  Over the 50 years in business we have made sure that we have always been on the front-end of technology.   We are the trendsetters in our marketplace and with this come our newest edition to the Lowe hi-tech family, the 3D LASER SCANNER.  Because the wave of the future is moving with the highest technologic advances, we think surveying should also move in this direction.  We have invested in the equipment and the software to better serve our clients.  On the next few pages we will show how this sophisticated equipment can save you time and money, and at the same time maintaining a level of safety above the current status quo.

What is the 3D Laser Scanner?

The hardware is a High-Definition Surveying with ultra-high-speed, and laser ranging systems. The software provides for a full set of Leica-quality geo-referencing, surveying, and CADD integrated engineering tools for creating accurate deliverables and managing large data sets with unparalleled ease. 3D Laser Scanning Technology is safe, accurate, fast, and cost effective.

How does it work?

3-D Laser Scanner is a precision instrument using a ground-based laser to survey a “cloud” of points with true coordinate and elevation positioning for every point.  It performs real-time capture of 3D graphical data.  3D Laser Scanner has software tools for converting point clouds to digital models and into conventional CADD & design files.  Lowe Engineers offers this technology as a new service to our clients for applicable projects.