Lowe Engineers offers Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services for a variety of clients throughout the southeastern United States. Subsurface Utility Engineering services address the documentation and management of the hazards that existing utility infrastructure may cause for various public and private projects. Supplying reliable utility information in the early stages of design streamlines project planning and construction. Our Subsurface Utility Engineering services utilize standard utility designating tools such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), radio-frequency electromagnetic (EM) methods, and vacuum excavation. We can also provide high frequency concrete imaging, multi-channel GPR, and LiDAR scanning of vaults and manholes.

SUE Services Include:

  • Quality Level D – Utility records research to assist in identifying utility owners and collect applicable utility owner records. Review records for duplicate information, indication of additional records and clarify discrepancies with utility owners.
  • Quality Level C – Identify and survey surface features and appurtenances of existing subsurface utilities. Compare findings to Quality Level D information previously obtained and resolve discrepancies.
  • Quality Level B – Designating and Marking the approximate horizontal location of subsurface utilities within the limits of investigation using appropriate surface geophysical methods. Survey all markings that indicate the presence of subsurface utilities. Quality Level B deliverables include surveyed drawings of all utility features and related attributes along with appropriate Quality Level D and Quality Level C data.
  • Quality Level A – Use of non-destructive air assisted vacuum excavating equipment to safely expose the exact horizontal and vertical position, type, size, condition, material, and any other pertinent characteristics of underground utilities at critical points or potential design conflicts.