At Lowe, we see things in black and white, we do what we say we are going to do with no gray area. We make choosing our firm as simple as black and white. With that same idea in mind: there are a lot of engineering firms out there, but at Lowe, we strive to be the best. We stand out in a crowd and work together as a herd. So, when it comes to producing the quality work you need. It’s as simple as black and white: Choose Lowe.

The attention garnered during the travels of the two vehicles led to an entirely new branding campaign. Lowe’s management took the bold (but fun) step of zebra striping all our trucks and survey boats. We officially adopted the zebra as our mascot, Zebra-striped pens, pencils, mugs, notepads, and water bottles were handed out to clients and staff.

lowe engineers zebra

Around this time a bizarre incident on I-75 in Atlanta played right into the zebra stripe branding campaign. A baby zebra fell off a truck and was hit by a motorist, and Lowe could bring him home after his recovery in style.

What started as a smart identification tactic has become more for us at Lowe Engineers. The zebra has become a personification of our company, the colors our ideology, and the stripes our badge of honor.

Everyone has their opinion of why zebras have stripes. Some say it is for camouflage, others say it to regulate their body temperature, but at Lowe, we see the bigger picture. Both of those reasons involve the Zebra’s ability to evolve and adapt. Zebras are amazing animals; fast, big, and unique.

Just as no two zebras have the same stripe pattern, Lowe’s pattern of excellence allows us to stand out in the crowd. Also, stripes represent so much to Lowe Engineers. We adapted our brand by adding stripes to our vehicles during Katrina to solve that issue. Everyone at Lowe adapts and evolves every day to try to create a better and more efficient society. Each employee at Lowe earns their individual stripe that forms Lowe’s Zebra. Lowe Engineers works hard every day to earn their stripes.

I-75 zebra atlanta