Lowe Engineers has extensive experience and has developed an expertise in evaluating, planning, and developing solutions to address traffic impacts, congestion, and mobility.  We have applied our expertise on a wide variety of projects for State and local government, local communities and businesses, and new developments to address their traffic needs, provide for growth in the community and region, and improve the quality of life for all travelers.

Lowe Engineers recognizes that traffic growth and traffic congestion is one of the biggest issues facing our region.  At the same time, with the growth of development and housing in the region, there are fewer options for “building” our way out of congestion by making our roads wider.  Additionally, studies have shown that adding capacity to roads can oftentimes lead to more congestion, not less. 

Our Construction Traffic capabilities include:

  • Traffic Impact Analysis Studies
  • Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Traffic Studies
  • Intersection and Roadway Traffic Analyses and Design
  • Traffic Signal analysis and Design
  • Roundabout Design
  • Innovative Intersection Design
  • Traffic Calming Analyses and Design
  • Driveway & Access Permits
  • Safety & Operational Analysis
  • Public Outreach
  • Transportation Planning
  • Expert Witness

    Project Spotlight

[popup_trigger id=”2510″ tag=”span”]Gwinnett Exchange DRI, Gwinnett County, GA
Gwinnett Exchange DRI, Gwinnett County, GA[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=”2518″ tag=”span”]Intersection Traffic Studies, Forsyth County, GA
Intersection Traffic Studies, Forsyth County, GA[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=”2520″ tag=”span”]Isolated Intersections Signal Upgrade, Atlanta, GA
Isolated Intersections Signal Upgrade, Atlanta, GA[/popup_trigger]