Lowe Engineers has been involved with several major municipalities from their inception in the Public Works Departments. In these municipalities, the Public Works Department works to improve and maintain the city’s physical infrastructure. This infrastructure includes the city’s streets, sidewalks, stormwater system, traffic signs, and signals. Lowe Engineers can provide a Public Works staff with the knowledge and experience to oversee major improvement projects, emergency repairs, and regular maintenance alike.

    Project Spotlight

[popup_trigger id=”2316″ tag=”span”]Brookhaven Paving
City of Brookhaven Public Works, Brookhaven, Georgia[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=”2306″ tag=”span”]Dunwoody Baseball Fields
City of Dunwoody Public Works, Dunwoody, Georgia

[popup_trigger id=”2319″ tag=”span”]dekalb county stormwate project
Dekalb County MS4 Inspections/Investigations[/popup_trigger]