Lowe Engineers can assist with asset management of property. We assist during the pre-marketing phase, including identifying assets and creating a marketing strategy, through the final closing phase after contracts are negotiated. Lowe can assist large clients with scale, efficiency and expertise building and recovering more value for their portfolios while providing predictable deal flow.

We provide a program approach that enables organizations to manage decision-making guided by better information and strategy. Additionally, we have the tools to enhance tracking, analysis, budgeting, and reporting functions, giving a predictability of revenue, control over sale and volume of transactions, and a clear audit trail for every asset.

Our Asset Property Management capabilities include:

  • Retrieving archived files and acquisition documentation
  • Coordinating to confirm disposal
  • Evaluation and contact with Previous Owners
  • Coordination and Performance of Appraisals and Review Appraisals
  • Evaluation and completion of required boundary surveys
  • Determination and completion of required NEPA steps
  • Marketing and Sales for Proactive Disposal of Surplus Parcels
  • Closing of Transactions and Parcel File Logs